Patchwork Willow Ranch

2810 County Road N (Cady TWP)
Wilson, WI  54027
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Patchwork Willow Ranch Horses

Blazing Midnight AL "Raven"

American Paint Horse Association #702,094

OWNER: ABIGAIL ANDERSON, owned since May 2009

Raven is a registered, solid black, 2002 breeding stock paint. She has no white markings on her body other than her face and legs but don't let her fool you, she throws red colored foals. Raven has two colts so far in her life that we know of, one named Gunner, located in Connorsville, WI and the other named Ruger currently residing in Sheboygan, WI. 

Raven is a stocky mare and has a big build, built like a brick house!! Raven excels in cattle work and trail riding. She loves kids and the elderly, she will watch a person when walking with them and keep up with them or slow down for them. She is a caregiver for people.


PWR Kashmir "Kash"
Grade Quarter Horse

OWNER: RICKY ANDERSON, owned since August 2013

SELLER: ABIGAIL ANDERSON, owned since March 2013

Kash arrived to PWR from a horse jockey in Wisconsin, after a day of clipping, farrier work, and a good brushing and some show shine, her true colors came out and she transformed into a beautiful show horse. 

She is a over-reactive dapple buckskin mare with an eye on the job that needs to be done. She is a sweet and gentle mare, and Ricky fell in love with her. She excels in sorting, penning, and trail and with a little work will make a great all around kids horse. 

Grade Arabian Horse

OWNER: DERRICK ANDERSON, owned since June 2014

Zeb arrived with Aisha to PWR from Clear Lake, WI. He is a great kids horse and rides like a dream. He is a flea bitten senior Arabian gelding. She rides great on the road and in the arena. For this old man, he has a lot of spunk left in him. 

PWR Aishadale "Aisha"
Grade Gypsy Vanner/ Arab Horse

OWNER: ABIGAIL ANDERSON, owned since June 2014

Aishadale arrived to PWR from Clear Lake, WI with Derrick's Zeb, the senior Arab horse. She is currently in training and will make a great trail horse. With her calm demeanor but spunky attitude, she has really shown PWR visitors that she is ready for the job.

FOX VALLEY BAGETTE "Scarlett" (V9104)
Registered Standardbred Harness Racing Horse


Born in Sherman, Illinois in 1999 out of Sportmaster, Perfect Jewel, and Big Towner- Scarlett learned at a young age that she was made to run but an injury kept her from ever competing on the track, she was used as a broodmare whom produced foals up to $30,000; she then was sold to the Amish where she was put to work for them. Few years past and she was sold to the English as a "pet" where she was sold to people who had no idea what to do with her. She was involved in an accident and was surrendered to the sheriff department where we found her. She has had a rough life and we bought her as a retirement home. She will never be made to work that hard for another day in her life, welcome home Scarlett.


OWNER: RICKY AND ABBIE ANDERSON; owned since October 2015

Hera will be for sale as soon as she is broke to ride.


OWNER: RICKY AND ABBIE ANDERSON; owned since October 2015