Patchwork Willow Ranch

2810 County Road N (Cady TWP)
Wilson, WI  54027
Abbie (651) 746-9915
Ricky (715) 607- 0939

Abigail R. Anderson

Abigail has been riding since 2008 and has loved horses way before that time. Abbie is an accomplished farrier and always looks to better her equine education to better herself. She enjoys taking horses that doesn't know anything and making them into what they are. She really enjoys working cattle, grooming, and trail riding with her horses. Abbie has won several awards in jumping, gaming, and pleasure (english and western).

Some of Abbie's Accomplishments
2011 SCRSC Princess
2011 SCRSC High Point Award
2012 RRSC (Relaxed Riders Saddle Club) Queen
2012 Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School Graduate

Ricky R. Anderson

Ricky has been riding since 2013, and really picked the sport up nicely. Almost like he was made for horses, he owns PWR Kashmir, the dappled buckskin mare. Kash and Ricky are an ultimate team together. He really enjoys trail riding, and just riding anywhere he can. He loves to explore new places on horseback and is a thrill to ride with.

Derrick R. Anderson

Derrick started to ride in 2013 with his dad, Ricky. He learned to ride on Raven and really enjoys trail riding with her. But not long after we moved, he was ready for his own horse. He is now the owner of Zeb the dapple grey arab gelding on the farm. Hoping in a few years Derrick starts competing and continues the love of horses.