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Taken to Soon; July 20, 2012


Breezy was our world treasure, a real friend that you could grab around the neck and cry on. A horse that really felt what you were feeling and would stand and listen. I got Breezy when I was a child on December 24, 2002. She was a Christmas and Birthday gift to me from my parents and grandparents. I had wanted a horse before that for a very long time. My room was horse themed, I only read horse books, even horse tack already the color of purple. That night of Christmas Eve, I opened the barn door of my new house we had moved into in October or November and there was a big white fluffy horse with a big red bow on her neck and my parents standing beside her. She was the best Christmas gift a girl could ask for. What a beautiful surprise!! The next day for Christmas I had received a saddle and bridle and a bunch of brushes and treats and wanted to try all my new gear on. But something went wrong and she bucked and I went flying and had broken my left Ulna bone in my wrist.

I never rode Breezy again till 3 years later, I hopped back up on my white horse and she became my favorite horse. Breezy was a older calm horse with lots of experience, a non registered Arabian/ Quarter Horse. Breezy was a sweet, funny, and loving spunky old mare. She was the world to the entire family.

In the winters prior to her passing, the family and I wasn't sure if she would make it to the next spring. But she pulled thru, she was one of the horses that warmed your heart and would do anything to please you. She was humanely put to sleep on July 20, 2012 at 12:57 P.M. after it got so bad for her to get up, to eat her food, even to walk, she was loosing weight so quickly and withering away, I made the difficult decision to let her go although I knew it was selfish of me to keep her alive and suffering for my own good. Stillwater Equine Vet Clinic helped me feel like it was the right thing to do, she died in my arms in the fluffy grass as she took her last vet. After she passed, it started raining and my grandpa said it was tears from god. To this day, she still lives with me, I have her ashes in a safe place so I can watch over her as well as she watched over me. She will be missed and she was loved by all. I love you Breezy, Rest In Peace.

Taken to soon; July 18, 2016
Owner: Abigail Anderson

Rose came to us in November 2014 after Dominique (Ricky's Daughter) wanted a horse of her own. We found this cheap, not prefect little mare for Dom to call her own with 1 little down fall- she had moon-blindness, but she was beautiful. She was originally from the south and a rich daddys' girl bought her sight unseen and hired a truck to haul her up here. She got off the trailer and she immediately put her up for sale for cheap when she discovered her disability. We bought her in hopes that Dom would want to train her and be able to work with her being it was her first and only horse. Rose ended up being a handful for Dom so Abbie took her from there. She was a nice little mare whom barely stood 15HH who was neck reined with just a hackamore, boy did daddy's girl miss out on a terrific horse. We made sure she was taken care of at all times, I wanted to train her for extreme cowboy racing before her eye sight got worse. Well by spring, she was totally blind. She was still safe for me to take her on trail rides and down the road and such but was nervous about trotting or cantering. 

Rose ended up injuring herself when another one of our horses pinned her against the fence and kicked her thru it. She broke her stifle bone, so the vet of Painted Pony Equine Services and I decided the best choice was to put her out of her pain, at 10:25am on July 18th, she was gone. I miss that little chestnut mare with blonde highlights everyday and I hope that she is in heaven without disability galloping in the clouds with Breezy. Till we meet again my babies, we will cross the rainbow bridge together.